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House B is located in Schmalenberg, ZIP 67718, street name: Locher Weg, house number: 24 B

view from yard

view from street, the garage on the left side belongs to house B

view from second floor

entrance to first floor

bathroom on first floor

utility / storage room on first floor, central heating system

living / dining room area

stairway to second floor

living / dining room area

dining room area / kitchen

kitchen left side with sink, dishwasher, cupboards, shelves

kitchen rigth side with electric stove, exhaust fan, refridgerator, cupboards

doors to bedrooms second floor

first bedroom

bathroom second floor

bathtub bathroom second floor

second bedroom

third bedroom

stairway to attic

stairway to attic

fourth bedroom, attic

fifth bedroom, attic

part of gallery, attic

view from gallery down to second and first floor

entrance to basement

utility / storage room basement

basement bathroom / shower and toilet in left corner

separate appartement or hobbyroom

separate appartement or hobbyroom

view from basement to the yard outside

floor plan / basement

floor plan / first floor

floor plan / second floor

floor plan / attic

road map

city map showing the location of the house

detailed description:

first floor:

Entrance area with access to the utility and storage room / utility and storage room with connections for washing machine, dryer, refrigerator, freezer / bathroom with toilet, shower and washing basin / built in kitchen with stove, dish washer, sink, refrigerator, cupboards, shelves / living and dining room, carpet on the floor, white painted wallpapers, connections for satellite TV and phone, integrated stairway to the second floor, big window on the south-west side with curtains, access to the terrace / other windows with roller blinds.


second floor:

Gallery open to the south-west window side, open stairway to the attic, connections for satellite TV and phone, three doors for access to the bedrooms / two bedrooms each with direct access to the bathroom, connections for satellite TV, carpet white painted wallpapers / bathroom with bathtub, shower, toilet and washing basin / windows with roller blinds.



two bedrooms, gallery open to the south-west window side, carpet, white painted wallpapers and wood, connections for satellite TV and phone, roof window.


Separate entrance door / one big room may be used e.g. as storage room, hobby-room or separate guest apartment / carpet on the floor / white painted wallpaper / windows with roller blinds / connections for satellite TV and phone / utility room with connections for washing machine, refrigerator, freezer / bathroom with toilet, shower and washing basin.

general information:

  • the house is approved by the American Housing Office
  • Air conditioning installed
  • no finding fee
  • rent including basement
  • garage with remote control for the main door
  • additional parking lot in front of the house
  • private terrace with hedge on three sides
  • satellite dish ready for AFN 
  • DSL high speed internet already there
  • modern styling using steelwork
  • pets to be approved by the landlord
  • in total 2406 sqft / 223 sqm living area as per DIN calculation
  • smoke detectors on each floor
  • central heating system with gas
  • all lights installed
  • condition as new
  • there are meters for electricity, gas and water
  • the tenant has to pay only for the real consumption of electricity, gas and water


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